revenue model

revenue model

AssetsPro’s primary revenue model is the development and rental of hospitality real estate, initially in Zanzibar but with a view to expand to other countries as opportunities arise.

The main benefits of this model is the appreciation of the asset value upon completion which normally by far surpasses the construction costs, and thereafter a high annual yield from rental income. In order to achieve cost optimization AssetsPro then assigns a management firm to operate each property ensuring a stable and non-seasonal cash flow.

A natural horizontal extension of this will form the second revenue stream. Using its expertise, AssetsPro will also offer turnkey real estate development solutions. These will be specifically made to order projects for individual clients and therefore avoid the need to worry about property sales.

Additionally, in order to build value for AssetsPro token holders, the company will consider, on a case by case basis, potential investments in luxury goods, as well as other related business opportunities, should their expected returns offer similar or greater profitability as the primary revenue model.

The AssetsPro business model allows us to provide several types of return on investment for investors and revenue for the project itself. Our business model is supported by the use of blockchain technology that allows us to increase the liquidity of every investment that we make using AssetsPro tokens.

The safety of our token holders is ensured by the guarantee that we'll never sell AssetsPro tokens for less than $ 3, even during a public sale on the exchange. Such a guarantee ensures the value of the project, development opportunities, and profit on the investment.

Although AssetsPro will make every effort to support the rise in value of its tokens, the actual price will be subject to market forces and therefore cannot be guaranteed. The main types of revenue models include reinvestment, token deactivation, payment of bonuses with reward tokens, and trading with AssetsPro tokens. It is worth emphasizing that AssetsPro uses a social driven business model. The funds collected during the sale of tokens will allow us to invest in real estate around the world. This financing model is becoming increasingly popular in today’s market.